Set off your home with bold stone columns. Design a stone accent wall to create a cozy bedroom or bathroom. X-Treme Stone and Home Design specializes in custom stone installations in Littleton, CO. We work with all kinds of stones, so you can choose any color or style that you prefer.

We also offer stacked stone, sometimes referred to as stone veneer. It’s a stonework technique that uses a small amount of mortar to affix small stones to a panel. Using this technique, we can create stunning fireplaces and walls that are rich in detail.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about stacked stone and other custom stonework options.
From the entryway to the entertainment area, you can add custom stonework to any room in your Littleton, CO home. Our custom stonework services include:

Accent walls




X-Treme Stone and Home Design will help you with the design process, including selecting the type of stone that that matches your current décor. Call 720-724-0765 now to schedule your stone installation in Littleton, CO.